Sunday, 14 November 2010

AIM - Accident Management Software Popularity Grows and Grows

On Safe Lines popular free Accident Investigation and Management software "AIM" breaks through the 500 free down loads.

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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

DICS Version 1.01 Released


Upgrade from version 1.00 to 1.01

DICS now includes options to export reports directly from the menu ribbon.

BEFORE UPDATING PLEASE READ THIS - Failure to follow these instructions could result in your data being lost.

Backup your data up first…

Those users that have not inputted any records - Simply uninstall version 1.00 and install version 1.01

Those users that have data inputted into DICS

Copy DICS’s data file (not the GUI file) to a safe location (i.e. file C:\DICS\data\DICS_be.accdb). Uninstall version 1.00 and install 1.01. Now delete the “newly installed” DICS_be.accdb and replace it with the copy you saved earlier.


Those users that have moved DICS from its default installation directory will need to amend this instruction to suit their own arrangements, it in doubt please ask your IT support.

Please follow the link on On Safe Lines download page to obtain your free upgrade.

On Safe Lines Lauches TIRA G-Lite

On Safe Lines is pleased to announce the launch of TIRA G-Lite.

TIRA G-Lite has been developed to specifically cover task based risk assessments only, and as such comes with just two inter-linking risk modules;

• Task Inventories
• General Risk Assessment

TIRA G_Lite has been designed to be compact, efficient and easy to use and comes with several improvements over the original TIRA.

• Three user levels (Administrator, Editors and Read Only)
• Spell checking for memo fields (automatic or manual mode)
• One click duplication of complete Task Inventories and Risk Assessments - This will allow users to create templates of their most common activities and instantly make copies for quick updating
• Quickly switch between form and tab modes when entering staff details
• Auto close if the programme detects no use activity after 15 minutes
• Several other minor improvements to make the programme easier to use

TIRA G-Lite can be downloaded by going to the On Safe Lines
software support page and following the links.