Monday, 14 February 2011

DICS v2.00.01 Released

v2.00.00 introduced a bug in the Print Location form where neither the Print or Print Preview buttons where connected to their respective reports.

v2.00.01 has fixed this issue.

Additional the formula used to calculate the date of issue message where insufficient acknowledgement time is offered has been amended.

Follow the links to get the latest version

Thursday, 10 February 2011

DICS v2.00 Released

On Safe Lines is pleased to announce the release of DICS v2.00 our Document Issuing and Control System.

Enhancement include;

  1. Read Write or Read Only login for users
  2. Ability to be able to record Document Verification Checks (i.e available, correct issue, legiable etc) , with supporting reports and stats.
  3. Quick status report button showing key information to the document controller
  4. Auto screen resolution – forms can now automatically adjust in size to match the users monitor resolution
  5. Ability to record more details in regards to document owners including name, title and full address
  6. Ability to set your own document acknowledgement timescale between 7 and 31 days (presently fixed 21days)
  7. Several other minor amendments to enhance the application.

Please follow the link on On Safe Lines download page to obtain your an upgrade.