Saturday, 9 December 2017

Our free QHSE Support Bible has been mage device responsive...

We have just updated our free QHSE Support Bible to make it more responsive to the size of the device it is being view on.  #onsafelines

New responsive website launched

We just launched are new cleaner looking, device responsive website. #onsafelines

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

#OnSafeLines closes forum in favour of G+ and Facebook

#OnSafeLines update

Due to the never-ending  abuse of our forum by spammers merely looking to create inappropriate links to dubious sites, we have taken the decision to cease this medium as a means of communication with users of our software.

Users will still be able to ask questions using the following webpage and social media methods.

Contact Us webpage 

Knowledgebase and Ticket support webpage (follow on page links)

Google+ social media

Facebook social media

Saturday, 30 September 2017

On Safe Lines QHSE Software Launches Responsive Website

On Safe Lines QHSE Software is pleased to announce the launch of our new responsive website.  

Users should now be able to comfortable view and navigate our website pages regardless of the device they are browsing with.

Sample desktop view

Sample tablet view

Sample smart phone view

Friday, 29 September 2017

New Software Anti-piracy Registration introduced into our software

At On Safe Lines QHSE Software we are changing the system used to register and protect our software, why?  

Previously we have used a third-party anti-piracy program to protect our software (KeyedAccess).  Whilst this program work fined for 99% of our clients and customers it caused issues for a small minority.  Being a third-party program, when we raised concerns with the developer, we were under their timescales, as well as the fact the program, although functional, appears to be parked and has not been updated for several years.  For these reasons the decision was taken to develop an in-house anti-piracy program which we would have full control to manage any issues raised by customers and clients.

For existing users of our software, who’s programs are still within their free upgrade entitlement, this will mean obtaining a fresh unlock code.

Below is example of our 3 step registration process.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

#OnSafeLines QHSE Software is pleased to announce the release of several application updates Aug / Sep 2017

New Software Updates.

#OnSafeLines QHSE Software is pleased to announce the release of several application updates.
Latest Updates

6.5.02 - #TIRA: One Stop Shop Health and Safety Risk Assessments  
7.2.04 - #AIM: Employee Accident Investigation and Management 
6.1.04 - #DICS: Document Management and Control System    
6.1.04 - #SMART: Staff Attendance amd Absenteeism Management     
3.3.03 - #FIRE: Fire Premise Risk Assessments
3.3.03 - #HAZS: Hazardous Substances (COSHH in the UK) Risk Assessments
3.3.02 - #GRAM: Task Basked Risk Assessments
3.3.02 - #FARM: Premises First Aid Risk Assessments
3.3.02 - #WRAM: Workplace Risk Assessments
3.3.04 - #WERAM: Work Equipment Risk Assessments

1.1.03 - #MRAM: Manual Handling Risk Assessments

Existing users (with any of our applications already installed) should download the compact setup files. New users (with none of our applications installed) should download an install any full setup file first and thereafter the compact setup files.

Sofware Downlaod Page 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

#OnSafeLines QHSE Software releases version 1.1.00 of our Manual Handling Risk Management software #MRAM

#OnSafeLines QHSE Software is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.00 of our Occupational Health and Safety Manual Handling Risk Management software #MRAM.

Summary of v1.1.00 Changes;

*  Several Input forms resized to better fit 1366 x 1024 laptop screens
'* Several data input form can now be resized, repositioned and the new dimensioned saved for next time form opened.
'* Hyperlink Manager added to attachments form
'* Third party KA Module removed
'* New Software Registration and Protection system embedded into MRAM.
'* Date trial period removed and replaced with 5 record limit restriction (per risk assessment type)
'* New System Information form added (via new registration mene icon
'* Minor changes to several data input forms
'* Minor changes to some menu ribbon icons and labels.
'* Hyphen captured during 'not in list' quick entry method
'* Minor Bug fixes

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