Sunday, 2 May 2010

Coming Soon - The SMART Program

Following on from the successful release of TIRA On Safe Lines free Risk Management software, the next project to be released by On Safe Lines is to be called SMART, this stands for Sickness Monitoring and Recurring Trends Program. This application will allow all aspects of employees sickness records to be monitored and allow in-depth trend analysis on current (52 weeks) and long-term historical sickness records and patterns.

Key Features of SMART

Easy to set-up, maintain and input data Comprehensive records of employees sickness records, both current and historical intelligent trend analysis on employees sickness, including;

  • 10 or more days of sickness in 52 weeks
  • 2 or more occurrences off sickness in the last 13 weeks
  • 2 or more occurrences off sickness in any 13 weeks period in the last 52 weeks
  • 5 or more separate sickness in a 52 week period
  • 5 or more continuous days off with sickness in a 52 week period
  • Comprehensive reports that cover all aspects of employees sickness and sickness trends
  • Comprehensive statistics on sickness figures
  • Historical sickness records are maintained for the employees working career with your company
  • Monitors employees on sickness disciplinary, from first warning to dismal
  • Monitors employees on disciplinary and automatically clears the monitoring when sickness improves

Those interested in SMART please let me know by using the automated e-mail service and typing in a few contact details and entering in the text box your interest in being kept up to date on SMARTs progress.