Saturday, 20 May 2017

#OnSafeLines QHSE Software releases version 1.1.00 of our Manual Handling Risk Management software #MRAM

#OnSafeLines QHSE Software is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.00 of our Occupational Health and Safety Manual Handling Risk Management software #MRAM.

Summary of v1.1.00 Changes;

*  Several Input forms resized to better fit 1366 x 1024 laptop screens
'* Several data input form can now be resized, repositioned and the new dimensioned saved for next time form opened.
'* Hyperlink Manager added to attachments form
'* Third party KA Module removed
'* New Software Registration and Protection system embedded into MRAM.
'* Date trial period removed and replaced with 5 record limit restriction (per risk assessment type)
'* New System Information form added (via new registration mene icon
'* Minor changes to several data input forms
'* Minor changes to some menu ribbon icons and labels.
'* Hyphen captured during 'not in list' quick entry method
'* Minor Bug fixes

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