Saturday, 26 March 2016

Our sister website switches our website to secure https protocol ‪#‎riskassessment‬

 Advantages Of HTTPS

The major benefit of encrypting connections to and from our website is that they data cannot be read by any middle man. It will no longer be possible to read data flowing between our customers and our webpages from the air. But, a number of other benefits come along with https connections (SSL).

Identity Verification

A certificate guarantees the information a browser is receiving originates our website. It is a guarantee that when a customer sends sensitive data, it is being sent to the right place, and not to a hi-jacked.

Data Integrity

With http it’s possible for a third-party to sit between the server and the browser and read everything. HTTPS connections make this sort of middle man attack much more difficult to pull off.


The green padlock indicates that we take security seriously and helps give our customers confidence and thus futher build on our good reputation.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

On Safe Lines launches new Responsive Website

Working along side our new sister website has been to be created to be responsive to the device it is being view on. has been designed for QHSE minded professional, individual and companies alike, looking for affordable QHSE business software solutions.