Friday, 19 October 2018

On Safe Lines Launches our first FREEWARE Occupational Health and Safety Software

Fire Premises Risk Assessment Management
Fire Premises Risk Assessment Management Released as FREEWARE.
At #OnSafeLines QHSE Software we have taken the decision to release some of our occupational health and safety risk management programs as Freeware.  These programs are the same as the previously available commercial releases sold for £19.99, with just a few minor restrictions.  The programs are not date or record limited and do not require any type of registration / unlock codes. We would however appreciate if you haven't already signed up to our news update subscription e-mail service that you please do. Available from the bottom our <contact us> web-support page.

The first of several programs to be released as Freeware is FIRE our Fire Premises Risk Assessment Management software. Over the coming weeks we will release at least another 6 occupational health and safety risk assessment management programs as Freeware, including:

HAZS, Hazardous Substances Risk Management;
GRAM, General Risk Assessment Management;
FARM, First Aid Risk Assessment Management;
WRAM, Workplace Risk Assessment Management;
WERAM, Work Equipment Risk Assessment Management;
MRAM, Manual Handling Risk Assessment Management.

Please go to our <Freeware Download Page> to obtain your free copy -
The initial login for FIRE is : User = guest and Password = password

Please forward this report to anyone you feel maybe interested in our Freeware releases.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

We have re-vamped our website

We have been re-vamped our website, it's now cleaner, slicker, faster and even more user friendly.

Visit us at for your QHSE software needs

Monday, 9 April 2018

#OnSafeLines QHSE Software releases v7 of our Task Inventory and Risk Assessment software #TIRA.

v7 of TIRA: our 'One Stop Shop' Occupational Health & Safety Management software update includes:

'* Additional to PDF & XPS you can now export reports in XLS, XLM, TXT, RTF, & HTML formats.
'* Option to directly Email reports as attachements
'* User forms redesigned and optimized
'* Additional Reports
'* Explode out actions and concerns to assist data input
'* Text boxes automatically expand when forms resized / maximized to assist data input

Note: TIRA as a occupational health and safety management system will help companies wishing to seek accreditation to the new safety management standard ISO 45001:2018

Existing users of TIRA can upgrade to v7 at a massive 66.6% loyalty discount, click <here>.

Note: TIRA v7 will not effect previous installations.
Click <here> to go to our software download page

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Our free QHSE Support Bible has been mage device responsive...

We have just updated our free QHSE Support Bible to make it more responsive to the size of the device it is being view on.  #onsafelines

New responsive website launched

We just launched are new cleaner looking, device responsive website. #onsafelines

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

#OnSafeLines closes forum in favour of G+ and Facebook

#OnSafeLines update

Due to the never-ending  abuse of our forum by spammers merely looking to create inappropriate links to dubious sites, we have taken the decision to cease this medium as a means of communication with users of our software.

Users will still be able to ask questions using the following webpage and social media methods.

Contact Us webpage 

Knowledgebase and Ticket support webpage (follow on page links)

Google+ social media

Facebook social media

Saturday, 30 September 2017

On Safe Lines QHSE Software Launches Responsive Website

On Safe Lines QHSE Software is pleased to announce the launch of our new responsive website.  

Users should now be able to comfortable view and navigate our website pages regardless of the device they are browsing with.

Sample desktop view

Sample tablet view

Sample smart phone view