Thursday, 6 January 2011

TIRA Version 2 Released

TIRA Standard (Task Inventory and Risk Assessments) – Version 2.00 Released

Work on version 2 of TIRA (Standard edition) is complete.
Enhancements include;

1. Duplicate complete records (which will allow you to create template risk assessments for quickly replicating and amending to suit)
2. Read Only or Read Write access
3. Spell Checking on all memo fields (ability to add words to users own dictionary)
4. Automatic screen resolution adjustments (to match the display screen monitor being used)
5. Export reports to Pdf or Xps
6. New backend file linking routine to assist in moving or networking TIRA’s data files

Plus a few other minor changes to improve the overall programme functionality.

BEFORE UPDATING PLEASE READ THIS - Failure to follow these instructions could result in your data being lost.

Backup your data up first…

Those users that have not inputted any records simply uninstall previous version and install version 2.00

Those users that have data inputted into TIRA

Copy TIRA’s data file (not the GUI file) to a safe location (i.e. file TIRA_be.accdb). Uninstall the previous version and install version 2.00. Now delete the “newly installed” TIRA_be.accdb normally located in “C:\TIRA\Data” and replace it with the copy you saved earlier. PLEASE ENSURE YOU GET THIS THE RIGHT WAY ROUND.

Those users that have moved TIRA from its default installation directory will need to amend this instruction to suit their own arrangements, it in doubt ask your IT support.

Please follow the link on On Safe Lines download page to obtain your free upgrade.

TIRA v2.00 is trailware not freeware and some users my wish to remain with the old version.

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