Friday, 10 December 2010

AIM v1.03 Released


This is a product enhancement

• Two level access – Read Write or Read Only (default set as read write)
• Spell checking on accident memo field
• Add words to user dictionary
• Statistal charts for
1. Accidents by Categories
2. Accidents by Locations
3. Accidents by Managers
4. Accidents by Employee Groups
5. Accidents by Employees
6. Days Lost through Accidents at Work
• New user friendly relinking interface to assist moving AIM from its default location or networking AIM’s data file
• Export to pdf or xps built into reports menu
• Printer options menu moved to 1st tab when displaying reports (more user friendly)
• Minor changes to the reports menus, including Chart Selector

Upgrade instructions from previous versions to v1.03 (Uses holding personal licences will receive their updates instructions shortly under a separate e-mail)

BEFORE UPDATING PLEASE READ THIS - Failure to follow these instructions could result in your data being lost.

Backup your data up first…

Those users that have not inputted any records

Simply uninstall the previous version and install version 1.03

Those users that have data inputted into AIM

IMPORTANT - Copy AIM’s data file (not the GUI file) to a safe location (i.e. file C:\AIM\Data\AIM_be.accdb). This file contains all your data.

Uninstall your previous version and install 1.03. Now delete the “newly installed” AIM_be.accdb and replace it with the copy you saved earlier. PLEASE ENSURE YOU GET THIS THE RIGHT WAY ROUND.

Those users that have moved AIM from its default installation directory will need to amend this instruction to suit their own arrangements, it in doubt ask your IT support.

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