Monday, 26 April 2010

On Safe Lines Update

On Safe Lines Update

For those user that have downloaded TIRA I hope you are enjoying this free version. I probably put too much into this version, but there you are, it is done now. Once you get some meaningful data into TIRA you will begin to understand just how powerful the program is, and how easy it can make the managing of your health and safety risk assessments and thereafter the monitoring remedial actions. Whilst work on TIRA Pro will begin shortly I have desided (rightly or wrongly) to complete the design and development of a project called SMART. (details below)

Back in the old days, when I was a QHSE Manager for a medium sized engineering company, for my sins I was also responsible for Plant services, Facilities and Administration support. Being in charge of administration gave me an understanding of company sickness and monitoring procedures. I am now finalising the development of an application to assist Administration / HR departments in managing this process.

Therefore the next project to be released by On Safe Lines is to be called SMART, this stands for Sickness Monitoring and Recurring Trends. This application will allow all aspects of employees sickness records to be monitored and allow in-depth trend analysis on current (52 weeks) and long-term historical sickness records and patterns.

More details can be found on the On Safe Lines update page On Safe Lines News

Whilst this application may not be your area of responsibility, your administration department may find it very useful.

STAMP is expected to be released in 2 to 3 months time, if you wish to register your interest please type 'Register me for SMART updates' in the On Safe Lines automated e-mail service. Contact OSL

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